Partner with ICF San Diego as a Sponsor

The ICF San Diego chapter offers unique sponsorship opportunities for businesses to market themselves to a sophisticated audience of credentialed coaches and related professionals. As the largest professional coaching organization in San Diego, members meet six times per year for learning and development engagements. Additionally, the chapter organizes social events throughout the year to promote networking opportunities for people interested in coaching. All events are publicized by the chapter through our website and newsletters that are distributed twice per month. In addition to marketing your own company, sponsorship contributions support our chapter as a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting credentialed coaching in San Diego. Our events and outward bound communications are targeted towards all people interested in coaching regardless of their level of experience or affiliation with the ICF. Our goal is to advance the profession of coaching to corporations as well as experienced and new entrants interested in the practice. Sponsorship Guidelines

  • ICF San Diego does not sell or disclose information about its members or attendees under any circumstances. However, sponsors are able to gather member information when members choose to opt-in for more information about your company
  • All sponsorships are subject to approval by the ICF San Diego Board of Directors
  • Sponsorship policies, provisions, and pricing are subject to change and space availability
  • ICF San Diego reserves the right to refuse or cancel sponsorships
  • Sponsors are responsible for providing their own marketing materials for distribution at ICF San Diego events. All marketing materials must be pre-approved by ICF San Diego and the chapter reserves the right to limit the type of materials presented at events

Payments ICF San Diego welcomes payment by either credit card, check or electronic funds transfer. Once sponsorship has been approved, an invoice will be sent directly to the sponsor for payment. Payment must be made in full. To Learn More Contact us at: Thank You!   Our chapter appreciates your interest and values the partnership that we can create together to support the professional coaching community in the greater San Diego region.