November 2021: Message from the President - A Motto as Fuel in Tough Times

November 05, 2021 6:00 AM | Scott Krawitz

In a recent ICF San Diego Chapter Board meeting, I asked each of our Board members to share an important piece of advice they’ve received along their journey and how it had impacted them. What I heard was so remarkable that I decided to share the concept of turning advice into mottos in this month’s blog. (You’ll see the great advice at the conclusion of this blog.) 

A motto is a statement that you use to express a goal or principle to empower you to guide your behavior and actions. Particularly during tough times when you may want to throw your hands up and give up, the motto can be a savior. It can be a cold glass of water after a long walk; a delicious meal when you are hungry or words of encouragement from a friend, family member or colleague, when you just need it the most. Except, it’s from you, for you. It can relax you, remind you that the journey is supposed to be hard at points and give you inspiration to keep going.

Of course, clients can benefit from creating mottos. You can pose the question in several ways to clients. These questions can help the client discover advice that has helped them or simply a motto: 

  • What could be a motto that you can turn to in tough times?

  • What might be a saying that can keep you inspired and fired up as you work toward this tough goal?

  • What is a great piece of advice you live by? How can that be transformed into a motto?

A motto can be particularly helpful when you are learning something new, taking on a big project or even facing difficulties in a relationship. 

Another way to create a motto is to think about negative self-talk you have in a situation and reframe it. Following are some examples.

If you are telling yourself, “I’ll never get this done,” replace that thought with a motto like, “One step at a time.”

When playing tennis and not getting the results you want, replace, “I’ll never get this,” or “I’m terrible at this,” with “I’ll get there,” or “I will master this.” 

ICF San Diego Board Members’ Best Advice

Barbara: Dream big because sometimes dreams come true

Donald: The 5Ps: Planning prevents poor performance

Freda: Two is better than one. Remember the positive impact of collaboration Gaby: Trust the process 

Jennifer: Courage equals cashflow (in all areas of life)

John: The opposite of love is fear. Choose love over fear 

Lynn: It's all about your perspective!

Maggie: Do your best, that’s all you can do. Don’t wish your life away
Sara: The power of choice and having trust for the bigger purpose. Everything that happens is for me and my growth
Shahrzad: Don’t give up don’t give up don’t give up

Wil: Following our true desires leads us to our highest paths

All the best in the months ahead as we will all need to continue being agile, courageous and positive. 

Shahrzad Sherry Nooravi, PsyD, MCC

President, ICF San Diego

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