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Sharon Saevitzon, PCC, ELI-MP

President - 2024


Sharon Saevitzon is a certified Transformation, Empowerment, Happiness and Energy Leadership Coach.

She helps women, teenagers and young adults break through and overcome their emotional, mental and physical blocks and obstacles, facilitating change that leads to a life of empowerment, self love and happiness.

Sharon accomplishes this using her knowledge and experience in Psychology, Business, Coaching, Energy Leadership, Mindfulness, NLP, Medical Hypnotherapy, Therapeutic Guided Imagery and Energy Healing.
She has worked with both gifted children and those with special needs for over 15 years. Perhaps most importantly, she is also a mother who has emerged victorious from the trials of raising her own children through very challenging circumstances into the country's top law schools and tech companies. Sharon now dedicates herself to sharing tools and insights for making the parenting journey enjoyable and successful for others raising children in these amazing but difficult times.
Sharon helps adolescents, teens and young adults with anxiety and stress management; overall leadership; transitions between grades and from high school to college and college to post grad; and with mindset/sports psychology for high-performing athletes.

She works with women in all types of life transition; to create fulfillment as well as success; to balance the challenges of work and family; to deal with emotional stress or trauma; to create healthier, easier relationships; and to implement difficult change or elevate any area of life.
She works to connect each person with their “higher power” or “intuition”, and encourages focusing on moving towards what you want rather than away from what you do not want. Sharon has established her coaching practice centered on emotional health and well-being  that is powered by self love. Sharon strives to discover and honor everyone’s unique and authentic strengths which provides her insight into the type of coaching support and accountability each of her client’s need to thrive.
It is Sharon’s purpose in life to help others embrace their dreams, cultivate emotional intelligence and calm their nervous system even through life's biggest challenges.

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Ana Floyd, PCC

President-Elect - 2024



Ana is a Life Development Coach in CommunicationsTMCertified Communications Trainer, and experienced facilitator who has worked with thousands of clients worldwide. Ana began her training in San Francisco, California in 1988 when she attended the first Design Your Life WorkshopTM, co-created by the late Thomas J Leonard and Carol McCall, PhD, which was an integral and foundational part of her beginnings in training as a coach.   Currently, Ana holds her Professional Certified Coach credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF), as well contributing as a supervisory board member for the Women in leadership program at the University of California, Santa Barbara-PACE. 

Starting out as one of the youngest pioneers in the coaching industry, since 1997, Ana has co-owned and operated a successful coaching and training company for over two decades.  She has been blessed for 25 years to develop her skill as a seasoned coaching entrepreneur, gaining a reputation for being quick on her feet, facing numerous business challenges while continuing to follow through on deadlines. She is a focused professional, as well as a compassionate, open-hearted leader who prefers to relate to others with a relaxed approach when faced with challenges and opportunities.

Moreover, Ana is a skilled listener who is capable of listening on several levels, thus hearing what's being said and what's not being said. Ana continues to professionally develop her expertise in empowered listening through coaching and training professionals worldwide.

Ana is a native Californian, born in San Francisco and graduated from University of California, Davis. Ana now calls San Diego her home.

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Donald E. Coleman, ACC

Past-President 2024


Donald E. Coleman is a United States Marine Corps veteran and the Founder and Chief Evangelistic Officer of Semper Kaizen Corp, a human development company. For over 30 years, he has devoted himself to joyfully serving others and adding value by restoring hope and creating new possibilities. He’s now using his experience to partner with credit unions, other not-for-profit organizations, and individuals to create sustainable change using his “Kaizen Approach” and the power of coaching. His servant’s heart makes him an ideal partner for anyone desiring to create sustainable change in their life or organization

He resides in San Diego, California, where he provides engaging financial empowerment, personal development, leadership workshops and keynote speaking throughout California. He spent the last 20 years working in the credit union movement as a Vice President in San Diego. Under his leadership and personal direction, he used the coach approach to help thousands of families achieve their personal goals centered on financial health. Donald is a Licensed Coaching Clinic™ Facilitator.

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Leslie Couch

Treasurer - 2024

Leslie is a Business Strategist and Coach for entrepreneurs. While pursuing a career in retail banking, small business lending, and operations management, she recognized a need for accounting and bookkeeping services - and hand on coaching. As a result of this need among the entrepreneurs she serve, she became an entrepreneur herself when she opened her company.

Leslie partners with individuals making a career transition into business ownership, or owners that want to be more effective and successful with their businesses.  As an established business owner herself, she thoroughly understands both the challenges and obstacles that could arise.  She guides her clients using focused listening, thought provoking questions, and valuable feedback, helping them discover and open their own doors to success.

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Gaby Alvarez-Pollack, MBA, CPTD, PCC

Director of Credentialing Support


Gaby is a learning & development expert and a professional coach with an emphasis in strategic talent management, behavioral assessments, and organizational design. For over 20 years, her passion for learning, growth and strategy has helped individuals, teams and organizations achieve success by finding the perfect combination of personal meaning and business results.

Gaby creates and delivers transformational learning experiences focused on bringing individual talents and strengths to life, improving emotional intelligence, and opening paths of continuous learning and growth, always in support of organizational goals and business strategy.

She is a Certified Master Coach, a Gallup Strengths, Emotional Intelligence and DISC Certified Instructor and Coach and has worked with 100’s of leaders and teams across a variety of industries. Gaby brings insight to her work rooted in Positive Psychology and the Neuroscience of Growth Mindset.

Gaby is the founder and Chief Learning Officer at GS&L Consulting, holds an MBA, the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTP) and is PCC accredited.

In the classroom of life, she spends her time at the golf course, reading a good book, and enjoying a nice glass of wine. Gaby calls San Diego and Mexico City her home, where she lives and learns with her husband Steve and their 10-year-old, Lucas

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Freda Wilson, BS,MA,MAAM,PLC

Communications Director 2022-2023

Meet Freda Wilson, a dedicated Life, Relationship, and Divorce-Care Coach, author, founder of HELP Enterprise Inc., and owner of Your Relationship Matters. With over 25 years of experience in executive leadership, pastoral care, speaking, teaching, and guiding individuals and couples, Freda has made it her life's mission to empower others to achieve their aspirations and reach their full potential. Freda is a beacon of hope, offering essential skills for positive interactions in all relationships. She specializes in marriages and romantic partnerships, providing effective communication and conflict resolution skills, as well as tools to deepen intimacy and pleasure. If you're struggling with a breakup or divorce, Freda can serve as a guide on your path to healing. She'll help you work through painful emotions and assist you in making the best decisions based on your wants, needs, and concerns. Freda has a profound sensitivity to the hurts and needs of others and has dedicated her life to helping people succeed. Freda's impressive academic credentials include a BS in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University in Chicago, IL, a Master of Arts in Theology & Church Administration from Logos Bible College in Jacksonville, FL, and a Master of Arts in Applied Ministry from Bethel Theological Seminary in San Diego, CA. Whatever your needs may be, Freda has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

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Karley Snell 

Programming Director - 2024

Karley is a certified Life Coach, Yoga Therapy teacher and Personal Trainer with over a decade of experience helping individuals overcome obstacles, set meaningful goals, and develop the mindset and skills needed to create positive and lasting changes.

Her journey, shaped by the challenges of managing hip arthritis and chronic Lyme disease, profoundly altered her perspective. Each diagnosis demanded swift adaptations, triggering overwhelming stress, anxiety, and a relentless inner dialogue of self-doubt. This journey not only shaped her but led to her passion of helping others navigate their own transformative paths, empowering them to rediscover a life of purpose and vitality.  She collaborates with individuals, tapping into their intuition to help them move forward, cultivating inner peace, improved self-talk and a healthier relationship with their selves.

Karley resides in San Diego, CA where she also works as a project manager applying her coaching expertise to create cohesive and motivated teams, enhance communication, and foster an environment of growth and innovation, ultimately optimizing project outcomes and team performance.

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Kellie Gaffney

Membership Director - 2024

Kellie is driven by her curiosity and continuous learning. She is passionate about facilitating change among teams and getting them to aligned outcomes. She’s a Certified Change Practitioner and holds multiple certifications in enterprise agility. She is currently studying to be a Certified Professional Coach to add to her toolkit of capabilities in helping drive change.

Kellie is in her flow state when she’s facilitating workshops towards co-creating a shared purpose and sharing her expertise with others. She currently works at a software company leading strategic programs for enterprise customers looking to modernize their business operations. There, she also instructs an internal class teaching the art of facilitation and how to deliver outcome-driven workshops, and is a company Career Coach. 

Kellie has worked with a diverse range of organizations, spanning Fortune 500 companies to the Department of Defense and startups. She’s coached executives seeking to spark change within their organizations, guided dysfunctional teams toward finding their rhythm, and assisted newly formed teams in crafting compelling visions and missions. Moreover, she’s empowered individuals seeking greater clarity and confidence in their professional lives.

In 2013, she packed up her belongings leaving Long Island, NY and set off west to San Diego in search of her own little pot of gold. She’s been here ever since. She lives with her husband, James and their pup, Goji.

Olu Adegoke 
Operations Director - 2024

Olu is a seasoned professional with an impressive 16 years of experience in clinical data management, has made significant contributions to the field, specializing in Alzheimer's research and various therapeutic areas. Currently, he serves as the head of clinical data management, leading a dynamic team of data managers, data analysts, and analytical developers, driving innovation and excellence in healthcare data solutions.

In addition to his professional achievements, Olu has a diverse set of interests. Beyond the data-driven world of clinical research, he is a passionate soccer enthusiast and finds solace and creativity in gardening. His educational journey is equally impressive, with a degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry serving as a strong foundation, complemented by a master’s in management science, which underscores his multifaceted expertise.


Olu's dedication to clinical data management and his multi-faceted background make him a formidable force in the healthcare industry. His passion for both science and sports reflects his commitment to a well-rounded life, which undoubtedly contributes to his success as a leader and innovator in the field.

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