Educational Program: A Change in Client Mindset through Learning How to Effectively Give and Receive Feedback

  • June 15, 2020
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Zoom
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A Change in Client Mindset through Learning How to Effectively Give and Receive Feedback

While consultants and trainers can help expand our clients’ skills and knowledge, it takes a coach to facilitate the type of vertical growth contemplated by ICF Core Competency #8. Vertical growth requires learning to see reality from different perspectives, which can only be achieved through an expanded mindset, not just an expanded skill set. Effective feedback delivery and receipt not only involves knowledge and skills, but an expanded mindset. It challenges clients to develop and integrate new awareness of themselves and others. Feedback practice and personal growth are bi-directional: practicing effective feedback can lead to an expanded worldview; an expanded worldview can lead to more effective feedback. In this interactive virtual workshop, we will explore these connections.

Participants will:

  • learn models and frameworks to help their clients effectively give and receive feedback, one of the most common client challenges,
  • understand how the process of helping a client with feedback opens opportunities for the coach and client to explore fundamental client fears and assumptions,
  • gain an understanding of the difference between clients’ technical challenges and adaptive challenges and how they require different coaching approaches, and
  • leave prepared and inspired to improve their own family or business relationships.

Participants will receive 1.5 Core Competency Education Units!

About the Speaker:

Jeff Schneider

Jeff Schneider, J.D., M.Ed., PCC, BCC, CCH, serves as confidential and transformational coach and change agent for professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, and educators and educational institutions. His clients range from sole proprietors and City mayors to multinational corporations and professional services firms, from nonprofit organizations of all sizes to academic institutions. Jeff teaches and coaches senior executives from around the world at and on behalf of Harvard Business School, conducts workshops for nonprofit leaders on behalf of the Fieldstone Leadership Network, and coaches various other clients worldwide. Additionally, Jeff serves a major initiative out of Yale and Harvard designed to improve diversity and inclusion through talent development (in light of research concluding that traditional diversity training is ineffective and sometimes counterproductive). For University of San Diego, Jeff mentors and assesses graduate student coaches-in-training.

With graduate degrees from Stanford and Harvard, Jeff has devoted the past three decades to serving individuals and a broad range of organizations in various capacities: as a trusted advisor, professional and executive coach, attorney, professor, judge, arbitrator, executive, and leader of two nonprofit organizations. A life-long student of the mind, behavior, and human potential, Jeff has developed an expertise in adult development, education, and personal and organizational transformation (and currently working on his PhD in Human Development). Through his company, Partners in Thought ® , LLC, Jeff’s mission is to empower others to be the best they can be through science-based tools, unbiased insight, provocative questions, humor and confidentiality.

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