Coaching Through an ADHD Lens

  • April 17, 2024
  • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Zoom (Link will be shared in confirmation email)
  • 65


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Enhance your coaching skills with new learning to support clients with ADHD (or like) on their journey towards personal and professional growth. You say, “But I don’t coach clients with ADHD”. However, statistically, we most likely all do.

We know that 3% to 5% of the adult population have ADHD. Of those adults, 80% are currently undiagnosed, and seeking coaches to help them navigate. With growing awareness of ADHD and other neurodiversity within our community and clients, it becomes essential to engage in learning, and acquiring a functional literacy. Adding a new ‘lens’ to our existing skill set. A ‘lens’ that supports both ADHD and non-ADHD clients. This session provides valuable insights into ADHD and evidence-based coaching techniques to empower your clients’ growth and success.

Key learning objectives:

• Understand the fundamental aspects of ADHD.

• Identify typical patterns and how ADHD impacts executive functions.

• Understand how client behaviours and follow-through may be impacted.

• Coaching organization and time management skills in a time-blind environment.

• Building trust and safety with an ADHD Lens.

    Each participant will receive 1 Core Competency Education credits and .5 Resource Development. 


    Barbara Williams, PCC, ACCG, CMP Emeritus, is a professionally trained and certified Advanced ADHD Coach and Executive Function specialist. She coaches adults, couples, parents and executives/entrepreneurs globally via Zoom in the USA, UK and Canada. 

    She uses a strength-based holistic approach coupled with the latest strategies and wisdom from the field of neuroscience. She is an educator, consultant and coach, helping her clients navigate a wide range of ADHD challenges. Personalized ADHD education and coaching empowers her clients to leverage their strengths, build self-advocacy, and find the successes that had eluded them in the past.

    Her mission is to advocate for the ADHD/neurodiverse communities and provide education and best strategies to businesses, communities and schools through speaking engagements.

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