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    • November 16, 2020
    • 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC-08:00)
    • Zoom link TBA
    • 27

    Though many gauge the success of a session around whether the client had an "aha" moment, the coach doesn't want to force a client to have an insightful awareness. They can however, create the container and set the stage for awareness and expansion to be a likely outcome. Using a combination of teaching and exercises, Leah will demonstrate how to craft the perfect environment within a session to evoke awareness through the use of different techniques and tools. This highly interactive presentation explores way the coach demonstrates several of the core competencies, including active listening, powerful questions, direct communication and creating awareness.

    Key activities include:

    1. Understanding the value of using aligned metaphors and analogies

    2. Everyone is Intuitive - an exercise done in pairs

    3. Reframing Contest - a challenge done in small groups

    All participants will receive 1.5 ICF Core Competency CCEUs!

    About the Speaker:

    Leah Grant, MCC

    For the last 20+ years, Leah Grant has been a business and life coach utilizing NLP, Emotional Intelligence and spiritual tools to shift and guide her primarily service-based business owner clients to success. Leah is a multi-published International best selling author, the Creator of Ecstatic Meditation, and a frequent guest on podcasts and Summits. She was also the 57th applicant to receive the Master Certified Coach designation from the ICF.

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