December 2021: Message from the President - Celebrating 2021 and Launching 2022: A Conversation Between our 2021 and 2022 ICF San Diego Presidents

December 03, 2021 6:00 AM | Scott Krawitz

When I took on the role of President of our Board, I knew we needed to be connecting, growing and learning in 2021, more than ever. We had accepted that Covid-19 had become a part of our life, though we secretly hoped we would wake up one day and learn it had just faded away somehow. We are Zooming, creating relationships with people we have never met in person and even hiring people without meeting them. It feels like a scene out of a futuristic movie. What I’d love next is a hologram Zoom capability!

In preparation for the transition of Presidents, I created three questions between myself and our President-Elect, Gaby Alvarez Pollack. She asked me three questions about 2021 and I’ve asked her three questions about the year ahead.  

Questions from Gaby to Shahrzad:

Q. Shahrzad, what are you most proud of for 2021?

A. We have a strong committed group of board members, the Chapter is financially healthy, we’ve had 24+ events throughout the year and we’ve done our best to remain connected with our growing membership. I also aimed to connect with members on relevant topics throughout the year in our monthly blogs (highlights and links here).

A Motto as Fuel in Tough Times

On Developing Good Judgement

On Hope and Optimism

On Transition, Resilience and Agility

The Power of a Declaration

On Voice and Identity 

Celebrating Coaching and Supporting DEI


Q. What was the toughest part of the year?

A. Not being able to see one another in person. Although, it is remarkable how close I feel to some of our members despite never meeting in person.

Q. What advice do you have for me as I embark on the role of President in 2022?

A. Know that our members deserve the best. We need to provide them with resources, learning and information on credentialing. More so, we should aim to create a safe place where coaches can connect and build community.

Questions from Shahrzad to Gaby:

Q. What stood out to you about 2021?

A. That it went super-fast! One minute we were kicking off the year, the next minute we are planning the year ahead!

What really stood out for me was how a small group of people – the board of directors, most of whom “met “each other for the very first time while volunteering for the board, was able to work together and keep things moving for the benefit of our members and the coaching profession at large. I have been amazed by the authenticity, drive and commitment to find great programs, engage great people and build community.


Q. What drove you to take on such a big role for our ICF Chapter? 

A. I am a natural Achiever (smile) and most important, I am an eternal learner. While I have been coaching for many years, it is not until recently that I became more engaged with ICF. It is exciting to be part of building a strong profession in service of others. I also think being part of such a young chapter is an incredible opportunity to build and create and really shape the future of coaching in San Diego. 

Q. What do you have cooking for 2022?

A. Exciting times ahead! I am looking forward to strengthening our offerings and bringing even more value to our members through additional professional development and learning. We will engage with other chapters, partner with other professional associations, serve the community (not only the coaching community, but the community at large) and continue the purpose of helping people in their journey live better, happier lives. Oh, and a big celebration of ICF San Diego’s 5th Birthday!


Shahrzad Sherry Nooravi, PsyD, MCC 

Chapter President

ICF San Diego

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